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Why You Need a Thank You Page for your Email List

Although there are a million ways to say “Thank you for subscribing” a custom thank you page is very effective. A thank you page is where new subscribers are taken after they join your email list.

The majority of the time, a thank you page features – wait for it – a thank you message. However, the best thank you pages have much more than just “Thanks.”

Why Do You Need a Thank You Page?

The most important reason for using a thank you page is to continue the conversation with a user. When someone joins your email list, they’re telling you they’re interested in your service or products. Instead of just being a visitor to your site, they’re now prospects or leads.

With the right amount of massaging, you could convert this lead into becoming a devoted fan or even a full-fledged customer. When someone joins your email list, it’s a golden opportunity to gain a new customer that you should never let pass by.

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Use the following tips to create thank you pages that are effective at encouraging the subscriber into more engagement with your brand.

Tips for Creating an Effective Thank You Page

1.Confirm the Email List Conversion

Confirm that the visitor has indeed joined your email list. This is automatic on a double opt-in email service. Frequently I get questions on how to eliminate this step. Don’t ever eliminate this step. The double opt-in guards against spam subscriptions and keeps your list safe and clean.

2.Give Them What They Want

Most people sign up for email lists because they desire more information about the brand. It’s important you provide them with this information. The best thank you pages work by getting visitors excited about other offers on other pages of the website. Use infographics, videos, and blog posts on your thank you page to give the subscriber more of what they want.

3.Keep Call-to-Action Above the Fold

It’s also important you keep all Call To Action’s or important text above the fold. This prevents the lead from having to scroll down to see the CTA. Once a prospect lands on your thank you page, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention before they shut the tab. It’s imperative to keep any offers on the thank you page directly in front of the reader. When you do, you’ll make engagement easy, and they’ll be more likely to take action.

4.Go Social

After your visitor has signed up for your email list, you’re in prime position to ask them to connect on social media. Since they have already shown that your brand is valuable to them, they’re likely to retweet, like, or share your page on social media. However, you must ask. Social connect on a thank you page is successful because the brand is still fresh on their mind.

5.Use Social Proof

While you have your new prospects attention, it’s the optimum time to show off with some social proof. Even though they’ve already completed the conversion process by signing up for your email list, you can reassure them with social proof or testimonials. By providing the prospect with a testimonial, you’ll be building the reputation of your brand for later down the road.

6.Promote, Promote, and Promote Some More

If a prospect has just signed up for your email list, it’s a perfect time to offer them a special promotion. Whether it’s a free ebook or a coupon for future discounts, the thank you page will show your appreciation.

7.Tell Them What to Expect

After your guest has joined your email list, will you send them something? How often? It’s important to tell your new subscribers what to expect. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver, but be specific. The worst thing that can happen is for your subscriber to not know what to expect next. It’s an email best practice to let subscribers know how often your email will land in their inbox.

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