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Best Hello Bar Alternative WordPress Plugin

As you know, Hello Bar is one of the eye-catching notification toolbar used by many sites all over the web, but because of its high price many bloggers are not using it; Obviously Hello Bar is not affordable for small Business owners and new bloggers.

Moreover, the installation process of Hello Bar is little time-consuming because Hello Bar is not a plugin, it requires a couple of steps to set-up.

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However, these types of notification toolbar can be very beneficial for your business. It can be used to capture high quality leads, to guide your visitors to a specific sales page, to an eBook download page, can use as a subscription form, can use as a call-to-action button, etc. As you can see it has so many advantages.

Hello Bar Alternative WordPress plugins

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is your all-in one email list building tool. Create and freely design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests and grow your list faster than ever before.


Are you wasting precious space on your site and annoying your existing subscribers with opt-in popups? SmartLinks is the solution!

A/B Testing

The best way to make sure you keep accelerating your list growth? It's making use of our simple and quick to implement A/B testing features!


Want to catch your visitors before they abandon your site? You've heard of Exit Intent... we've taken it to a whole other level with SmartExit and SmartExit+.


Choose from different, eye-catching entry animations for your forms, animate individual form elements and even A/B test different animations!

Ultra Precise Targeting

Show exactly the right offer to exactly the right segment of your audience. The result? A massive boost to conversion rates and highly targeted, engaged lists!

Trigger Options

Choose exactly when and how your opt-in forms appear with time-based or interaction-based triggers. A/B test different triggers to increase conversions.

The Best Reports in the Business

Find out exactly which opt-in forms are performing best, which pages and posts your leads are coming from and much more...

Build Conversion Boosting Forms - No Design Skills Required!

Creating beautifully designed, eye-catching and conversion optimized forms is a breeze with Thrive Leads, thanks to an extensive library of professionally designed templates you can use:

Make a few tweaks to a form or completely customize your own design. With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can create any design you can think of - all without touching a single line of code!

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