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9 Reasons Why Using Email to Reach Clients Is Smarter Than You Think

Email is an essential business tool in this interconnected world. It stands as one of the most useful communication tools to reach clients and prospects when they want to be reached. There is a place for other methods of outreach but email remain a top avenue of business communications. Email is an effective tool for delivering your message to clients.

Email is Fast

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As soon as you press send, emails are sent over to the addressee’s inbox. It can reach then while they are involved in other activities and doesn’t change message as when one might speak to a third party. Your message stays true.

Email Allows for Elaboration

Emails can hook the initial interest of the recipient and give further details. Attachments such as documents and presentations can be included. Important links to videos and websites can help to underscore your intent. Documents can be stored for later use or downloaded for immediate viewing and review.

Email is Instantly Available

Emails can be saved and archived for later reading or referral. Cell phones keep attachments and vital information handy without having to search for information through physical paperwork and files. All correspondence is portable and convenient to access.

Email is Budget-friendly

Whether using a personal email account or a webmail service, email is a minimal marketing expense. Direct mail still requires materials and stamps and costs more to implement than email during a marketing campaign.

Email Permits Convenient Reponse

From either-direction, whether from B2C or in reverse, clients can respond to emails at a convenient time anywhere in the world. If clients have an issue, they can send a message to businesses outside of operating hours and have their message read at the opening of the following business day. It is easier to clearly send a message that says exactly what is intended by the sender without the possibility of any miscommunication that can occur when leaving messages verbally through third parties.

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Email is Global

How much does it cost to send a letter by DHL, FedEx or another carrier? Email is a fraction of the cost and helps to address the needs of customers anywhere in the world without the additional time lost with mailing services. FedEx is still overnight. Email is there now.

Email is Trackable

Businesses will send x number of emails out to interested parties. Businesses can track response rates. They can tell which emails are opened, which addressees click on links and any emails that have bounced back. Email addresses can be easily updated and categorized to reflect active email addresses and the status of the addressee.

Email can be Segmented

One general email blast is less effective than targeted emails to the needs of different groups of people behind the email addresses. The beauty of email is that lists can be generated and updated based on categories of people such as initial leads, interested parties, current customers and those that have not purchased in some time. The message can be tailored to initially interest a prospect, provide more resources, upsell and remarket. Prospects and clients in the pipeline have different needs as they progress towards purchasing or making a larger purchase. Emails allow senders to easily change the category of the email address to reflect the current status of the recipient.

Email can be Evergreen

Successful campaigns and associated materials can be tracked and useful downloadable pdfs, ebooks and free content giveaways can be created to be used indefinitely. Quality content that motivates conversion should be kept and used in future outreach efforts.

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